Visiting Niue?

We have Data and Voice plans available for Visitors.

Your device must be Band 28 compatible to use our Data Plan  If you are not sure bring your device into our office and will we check it.

If it isn’t compatible we can offer a MIFI device which will connect you to our 4G network, giving you fast internet via a portable hotspot. The MIFI can connect up to a maximum of 10 devices. Click here to view a MIFI.

Visitor Data Plan

Plan DataPriceNote
Visitor Quick Bytes
(valid 1 day)
Data 1
(valid 30 days)
3GB Data$32
Data 2
(valid 30 days)
7GB Data$52
Data 3
(valid 30 days)
Visitor MIFI Device Rentaln/a$100$50 refundable bond paid on return of MIFI device.
ADD-ONSMinutes + SMSPrice
Int Call-SMS Lite
(valid 30 days)
60 Mins (AU/NZ) + 20 SMS $12
Int Call-SMS Heavy60 Mins (AU/NZ)+60 SMS$52

*All charges are NCT Inclusive. Visitor Plans start at the time of purchase.

Visitor Data + Voice + SMS

Visitor 7 Day (Data + Voice + SMS)2GB Data
30 Min calls - Local & International
30 International Text messages AU/NZ/Niue
Visitor 14 Day (Data + Voice + SMS)4GB Data
40 min - Local & International
40 International Text messages AU/NZ/Niue

*All charges are NCT Inclusive.  Visitor Plans start at the time of purchase.


Visit us at the Airport or the Commercial Centre, or call us on 015 to top up over the phone.

You can also top up using our mobile app, “Telecom Niue”  available on Google Play and Apple App Store.