Terms and Conditions Visitor Sim

Terms and Conditions Visitor SIM

Telecom Niue Limited t/a Telecom Niue

Terms and Conditions

1. This agreement begins upon the activation of the Visitor SIM. By sending the activation message you are accepting, in full, the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

2. The Visitor SIM card is active for either 7, or 14 days only. After the designated number of days, the Visitor SIM will deactivate and any unused allocation of data, sms or minutes and any unused TOP-UP credit will expire (ie: 7, or 14 days after activation).

3. Users are not able to purchase any other data bundles or prepaid promotion packages for this SIM. Once the package is used, users can then purchase more credit and will be charged standard rates. Local promotional topup bonuses will not apply to Visitor SIM users.

4. Visitor SIMs are allocated a Mobile Phone Number. This number belongs to Telecom Niue and does not belong to the end user. Once the SIM is deactivated the number is recycled and reused by Telecom Niue.

5. In the event your Visitor SIM is deactivated at the expiration of 30 days from activation and you wish to continue using services with Telecom Niue, you will be required to purchase a new Visitor SIM Pack with a new mobile number. You will enter a new agreement with us on the activation of your new Visitor SIM.

6. You are not to use the Visitor SIM for any abusive, illegal or fraudulent purposes or in a manner which may cause damage to the Telecom Niue network, business or reputation.

7. We will use our best efforts to ensure service reliability with your Visitor SIM. However, network coverage and many other factors may affect the availability and performance of the Visitor SIM. Also, all our mobile network services are subject to device capabilities, network limitations and availability.

8. If the PIN request function is activated on your Mobile Device and the PIN is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the SIM card will automatically lock. To unlock the SIM card you will need the PUK code. If you continue to lock your Mobile Device by incorrectly entering the incorrect PUK code, you will destroy the SIM card and lose any contacts stored on the SIM card. You will then be required to purchase a new SIM card which comes with a new PUK code and mobile number.

9. You can come into any one of our outlets to configure your mobile device to our network and we can assist you to insert and activate the SIM.

10. Your Visitor SIM purchase is non-refundable.

11. In this Agreement ‘Telecom Niue’ means Telecom Niue Limited t/a Telecom Niue; ‘SIM’ means subscriber identity module; ‘Mobile Device’ means the mobile device that you use to access the services provided by the Visitor SIM.