Telecom Niue 4G LAUNCH

Q1: What exactly is a 4G network?

 4G network is fourth generation mobile technology, it has faster throughput (up to 150Mbps) than previous generations and offers data/Internet as well as voice and SMS. The system will also offer a voicemail service. As everyone on the island knows, the 2G network that Niue has had does not offer data/Internet service, so the new 4G network will dramatically change things – in future customers will be ‘always-on’. Unlike most countries, Telecom Niue will be going straight from 2G to 4G.

Q2: When the 4G network goes live, will I need to do anything?

To transfer to the 4G network, customers will need to visit Telecom Niue at the Commercial Centre, and Customer Service Staff will determine if your handset is compatible with the new 4G network. If your handset is compatible, Telecom will reconfigure it, and arrange a new SIM Card and new account (any credit on your old 2G account will be transferred to the new account). You will also be allocated a new number beginning with 888, this will be followed by your existing four digit number, or you can choose a new number from those available. This is because Niue is moving to a 7 digit number range for mobile numbers.

Q3: How can I find out if my current mobile phone will be compatible with the new 4G network?

You can visit the Customer Service Team at Telecom Niue in the Commercial Centre, or you can check whether your phone model is compatible on www.gsmarena.com. Our network runs on Band28 (700Mhz) so check to see that its supported.

Q4: What if my phone is not compatible?

Telecom Niue is offering discounted prices on a number of 4G compatible smartphone models during the launch period. Why not treat yourself to a new phone as part of the migration to 4G. With fast data/Internet connection across the island customers will be able to stream video, movies, TV and songs, so a big screen and good quality speaker will make that new experience all the better.
Telecom Niue are waiting for Apple to certify our new 4G network.  In the meantime Iphone customers will need to purchase a MiFi device which will give them 4G data only. 

Q5: Will my existing mobile number still work?

The 4 digit Niue phone number will still work as long as the 2G network is running. Once customers move to the 4G network they will be assigned a new seven digit number. The new number begins with 888 and then your existing four digit number, if you wish to retain it.

While the 2G network is still operational the old 4 digit numbers will be able to call new 7 digit numbers and vice versa.
The new 7 digit numbers will be able to make/receive calls to fixed numbers in Niue and all numbers overseas.

Q6: What will the new pricing structure be?

There will be a variety of plans and price points available depending on your requirements for data and voice.
There will be low priced options for off peak data, weekend promotions and light usage.
The new pricing packages will be available on our website www.telecomniue.com and the new Mobile App.

Q7: Does the pre-paid credit on my phone transfer when I change to the 4G network?

Yes it does. The Telecom Niue Customer Support staff will transfer any remaining account credit that you have on the 2G account over to your new 4G account.

Q8: How do I top up my phone after I transfer to 4G?

We will have a self-care Telecom Niue App which you can use on your mobile device. The Telecom Niue App will be available for free download from the App Store. There is also a web portal which you can use Webselfcare Portal. You can top up by debit or credit card or pay by internet banking into your customer wallet. You can then purchase the plans that best suit your needs or purchase plans or transfer credit to other Telecom Niue customers. Alternatively you can call or visit the Telecom Niue office and Customer Service staff can assist you.

Q9: Will I need to get a new phone?

Most of the newer phone models will be compatible. However, Apple products will have to wait for Apple to certify our network. Iphones can continue to use the 2G network for calls/texts and purchase a MiFi device to access 4G data on their phones. Telecom Niue will be offering special pricing on selected phones during the launch period.

Q10: Will the 2G network still operate?

Yes it will, we anticipate for up to six months once . To receive island wide phone coverage and high speed data on your mobile device you will need to transfer to the new 4G network, so we encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible. 

Q11: Will I be able to get data on my mobile phone or tablet with 4G?

Yes you will have data all around Niue; you’ll be ‘always-on’. If you travel overseas you will not have global roaming and will need to transfer to a SIM card from your destination country.

Q12: Will my New Zealand or other overseas SIM card work in Niue


Q13: Will there be cellphone coverage all over Niue with 4G?

Telecom Niue are rolling out coverage to the whole island. It is a phased rollout and we will keep everyone notified once we cover new areas.

Q14: Will my existing EFTPOS machine still connect to the 4G network?

Yes, you can hotspot from your phone directly to the EFTPOS machine. Alternatively you can use the MiFi device.
There will also be 4G SIM enabled EFTPOS machines available from Kiwibank and they will give complete portability.

Q15: Does anything happen to my landline?

No, landlines stay the same with four digits. Landlines will be able to call mobiles on both the 2G and 4G network.

Q16: How do I find out more information or keep up to date with changes?

We will be posting updates on this site as well as Facebook https://www.facebook.com/telecomniueltd. 

Q17: How will 4G work for visitors to Niue?

There will be a new Telecom Niue Kiosk at the airport for plane days where visitors can purchase their 4G SIM card, a MiFi device if they need it, and chose from a variety of special plans designed to best suit the needs of visitors to Niue. Visitors can also go to the Telecom Niue office in the Commercial Centre.