Motorola MotoC Smartphone


Meizu Note 6



4G Supported Handsets

Telecom Niue’s 4G VoLTE mobile network runs on Band 28 700Mhz.

The 4G VoLTE network has faster throughput than previous generations and offers Internet as well as voice and SMS.

What do I need?

 1. A compatible 4G Band28 handset.

During the launch Telecom Niue will be selling Meizu Note 6 and Moto C handsets. We are testing phones all the time and will update our website and Facebook pages once new phones are verified.

2. A compatible SIM

Available from Commercial Centre or our Airport shop on plane days.

How can I check if my phone will work?

The best way to check if your phone is compatible is to check the GSMA website. By clicking on the link below you will be shown all Band28 phones that are officially supported. To date there are 340 supported handsets.

Note for Iphones:

I-Phone users will need to wait for the next IOS update before their phones will work on the Telecom Niue 4G network. To work around this I-phone users can purchase a Mifi device (mobile wifi) to browse the internet and use our Telecom app to make calls.

Still Unsure?

If your phone is not listed and you have purchased it through PBTech NZ then it may still be supported. In any case please email us at or call 015 for further assistance.